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We are parents

Ladylove von der Moritzburg

Zito vom Slater Land

Birthday Sept. 5th, 2003

At 10:38 p.m. today at night there were

4 male and 2 female puppies

One puppiy thought it could be later and came in the early morning

And now it is my mine to tell you about the puppies.

I am the mother,named


and this is my first breed.

At their birthday my babies had a weight of round about 505 gramm.

At the 6th day their medium weight was 740 gramm.

May I introduce you to my childs:

The males:

Octavian, Odin, Odysseus and Orpheus

Sweetheard, it’s sure that you are tired!

Sept. 24th, 2003

The females:

Omega and Osiris

”It’s not so easy for a Mom!”

Didn’t you like to take a little nap?

Sept. 25th, 2003

”Odysseus, put yourself down to the floor, the others want to sleep”

“Silly head, be quiet”

5 weeks of age

“Heh. look, food”

“Kids, now get to play a game, I don’t want to hearany cat fights!”

“This stick is mine”

”Mom, I’ll lay higher then the others. It’s okay, or? Dad would say it will be all right”

”Everytime the women have to say their opinion”

“Okay, here we go”

“...but I am the first”

“...but mine is bigger!”

” just had a suuuuch a wunderful and nice dream!”

“I want something too!”

“.I see a thing you can’t see...”

“Do you remember me? I am the mother. To get this little playing and eating monsters , no, sweethearts disciplinated is rather strong. 7 weeks of age they are and the pictures are speaking for itself Observate them as they are feed like predators.”