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About us or how we began

    This chapter has to be written new!

me as helper in OG Belzig

Brandenburg’s championship for officers with dogs

And thern there is... You are right, this is my better half Heike. She is born in 1956 and has begun the sport with dogs with only small 12 years. After a cut of because of studiumshe found back to her love, the German Shepherd Dog. In the moment she leads our female dog Medusa vom Sternenkämpfer and this with a great success. she is also the good soul of our partnership. She is also the person in our btreedery who has all puppies in her trousers as the contact person.

As dogleader at our police we have made our to our vocation

We say the same then Rittmeister von Stephanitz:


Shepherd dog breedery is useful dog breedery