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O-Puppies Part 2

Now I have to say GOOD BYE to my little sweethearts.

This is my little Octavian. He plays with Tobi and likes it very much. They will call him Teddy.

Odysseus has found a new home in Mellensee (Brandenburg)

My little Omega travels with her new owners to the Netherlands

They told, that the Dad of Tobi should be the new master, but the picture tells me another story.

Osiris stays here with me. Maybe eventually she will be a good mom.

Orpheus will have the longest trip. He is going to Guatemala with his new owner Mr. Paredes

Odin will go to Heere next week.

We wish all new owners luck, happiness and a well leaded hand with their dogs from the “Sternenkämpfer’s”!

November 24th, 2003

Odysseus: “Look, my left ear is up and this is my new home in Brandenburg.”

Odysseus: “Look, I can pull this string sooo long. That’s really a nice game.

 December 5th, 2003

Hallo, I am Omega!

Best greatings from the Netherlands

 December 21th, 2003

Hello, here I am, your Nero!

Excuse me, poppy name Octavian.

 December 27th, 2003

But Nero sounds really cool!

Once more for fast thinker! My name is Octavian vom Sternenkämpfer named Nero

Hi, I’m Osiris

I think you’ll have a better view now

January 4th, 2004

Now our settee belongs only to me . . .

. . . oh, until master or mistress will say: “Go downwards.”

This is Odin in Heere (NRW).

Have you seen me? And now...

...please don’t disturb

when I get fondled by my mistress.