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Mercur vom Sternenkämpfer

born:       02.08.2001

HD       : a-normal

 ZB:        V, Kkl. 1

exams:     BH, SchH2

standing picture

At March. 8th, 2003 Mercur has won the BH exam as best exam of the day

At July 27th, 2003 Merkur was an a Breadery and Puppies-Show in Mosigkau and was placed as SG 6 JHKL-males (starters 17) and has won the cup as "nicest grey shepherddog"

Mercur got the qualificationt “VPG1” with very good notes

At Aug. 7th, 2005 Mercur got the qualification “SchH2” with Udo as leader. Mercur was second winner of the day.