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Our Puppies of the M-Breeding Part2


Clint vom Clausberg


Julia vom Sternenkämpfer

M E R L I N , M E R C U R and M E D U S A

Here they have the age of 1 year!

Merlin vom Sternenkämpfer

Mercur vom Sternenkämpfer

If you click with the mouse on the pictures all pictures you can get bigger

Medusa and Mercur with 12 month

Meeting with their sister Medusa in the age of 14 month

Merlin, Mercur and Medusa

Mercur at work

Merlin at work

Medusa at work

At July 27th, 2003 Merkur was an a Breadery and Puppies-Show in Mosigkau and was placed as SG 6 JHKL-males (starters 17) and has won the cup as "nicest grey shepherddog"