Ladylove von der Moritzburg

Idefix von den Leinewiesen

YEPPEAH, here they are!

Born at March 2nd, 2005,

Inbreed:   Nufo v.d. Wienerau 5-4 and Fanto Hirschel 5-5

       parents          grandparents        greatgrandparents     great great grandparents

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Febr. 27th, 2006

Hey friends, have a look, I am the very happy mama of 6 sweet girls and 2 bpoys. Could you see how proud I am?

Febr. 28th, 2006


Today is their first day I can’t take a little move They need me. They are so helpless.

 March 12th, 2006

My little ones are now 14 days of age and their weight is round about 1200g. I think it is very difficult to feed them all, but they are all fed up. Look, they lay and get their peptic sleep.

 March 12th, 2006

“Be silent, babies! Heike will picture you and me.”

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