For all, who don’t have an idea who I a, my name is

Julia vom Sternenkämpfer

and I will tel you the story of my grandchild

Queen vom Sternenkämpfer.

Nov 5th, 2005

That’s Queen with her mom Medusa. Queen is hungry all the time. That will be the reason for her weight

Queen has the weight of 1280g.

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Nov 10th, 2005

Udo and Heike had shoot a nice picture of my nice little sweetheart Queen. Her eyes are open and she is now a lot of more lively.

Look how proud Medusa looks.

Queen has the weight of 1800g.

Nov 11th, 2005

Now you can see the beginn of Queenie to discover the world. But Medusa watches for her.

Today Queen has the weight of 1900g.

Nov 14th, 2005

She lies there, as if nothing matter. And the show goes on ...

... on toan Mom’s Milkshop.

And she tells all what is her way she wants to do. Queen isn’t the silentest.

Today Queen’s weight is 2290g.

Nov 15th, 2005

This pictures I had to show you at once. Our little sweetheart was on discovery tour and was really snoopy. Today she asked her mom if she will also get such big teeth later on.. Medusa was very amazed and was wondering.

Nov 17th, 2005

Here they go, the new pictures. Udo and Heike are really Busy this time to get new pics on the screen.

Queenie  weight is now 2430 Gramm and is very perky. She begans to play with her Mom.

Nov 22th, 2005

I was told by my grandchild, that her mother takes charge of her bone.

As I saw it, I told Medusa that she was wrong by doing. But it was to late. The bone was lost in action.

Udo took a evidance picture..

Her weight today is 3100g.