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Ladylove von der Moritzburg

Idefix von den Leinewiesen

YEPPEAH, here they are!

Born at March 2nd, 2005,

Inbreed:   Nufo v.d. Wienerau 5-4 and Fanto Hirschel 5-5

       parents          grandparents        greatgrandparents     great great grandparents

You can get the picture on format 800 x 600 pixel by clicking it!

The 1st picture round about 8:30 pm. There were only 2 / 3 puppies

Hallo friends

Here is our finishing report of our mother. We have now 2 male and 5 female puppies. All youngsters are healthy and frisky. We had had to wait until 1:00 am. Then came our last female youngster.

Best regards

Heike and Udo

Here are all seven and a very proud mom.




at March 4th, 05





Hello friends

Today we have some new pics of our sweeties. It is the 10th day and they have an averaged weight of 1305 g. They are well in food thanks Ladylove!!! Sometime they will open their eyes.

Have fun by looking the pics.

By the way, 1 male and 3 female are looking for a new home.

Heike and Udo

Hello friends

Here a some pics of our sweethearts.

They are now 18 days old and have an average weight of 1875g.

We took the picture with tomcat Micky , because Micky was such interested about the minis. The "Watcher" of the puppies.

Regards Heike and Udo

Hello friends

Here now the newest pictures.

The puppies are now 24 days of age and they have an averaged weight of 2800 g.

They are now really hale and harty and not to keep under control. If you have fetched one an other is up on his way .

Best regards Heike and Udo