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Immo vom Rosseleck


Julia vom Sternenkämpfer



has arrived at November29 th, 2002. His weight is 450g and he is cheerful.

May I introduce myself: NERO and I have...


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“Mama, can’t they read the signs:


“Son, if you show that you are awake now the both will take pictures, I’m very sure. So stay without move. I hope they don’t recognize it.”


mother and puppy are healthy

Nero 3 days of age

Nero 2 weeks of age

. . . let it go sometimes!

“See, and now I will show you my loved Play-Dragon”

Nero in the 3rd week

And this is mine . . .

. . . mine. . .

. . . mine !

Focus it and... Shit! PINK

Nero’s age is now 4 weeks

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Fine bone, it cries very loud when I bite ...

Sleep very well my little prince!

“Now you are on a survival tour, son”

“Mom,do you play with me?”

He, Buddy, I know you! Hadn’t you stood inside with lights all over your body?”

Okay, then you have to play with me. But when I am older, this lamp is my toilet.

NERO 7 weeks of age

“Enough, son, explore the world around you.”

Are you on survival tour, too?

Mom, how long should I pose for this human?

NERO 6 weeks of age

Do you play with me?

I am a shouting star, am I?

Okay son, come over, we play a little game

Mom, help me, this is stupid

Yes, you are the winner! It’s okay,with me.

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Nero meets Heike’s K9 dog Andy who also lives at our home

“Uncle, when I get older, do I get such grey hairs like you?”

NERO near 8 weeks of age

“Oh, let me have a nice look!”

We wish the new owner of Nero great pleasure, luck and a good success!

This is my new owner. Klaus Lehmann, judge for ability in the SV and teacher for K9 dogs and K9 Police Officers for the Police of Brandenburg

It seems he looks nice. He takes me on his arms to save my legs

Wait buddy, not far away and my weight is near 40 kg!

Bye bye, I have to go now to inspect my new home. I think this will be a great adventure!